Overall report of educational camps:

 Three educational camps

    • When: December 2019 – February 2020
    • 387 beneficiaries aged 3-25
    • Where: in Rubaare – Uganda(8 days) for the third consecutive year, in Monde – Uganda for the second consecutive year (8 days) , and in Rwamagana – Rwanda (8 days).

Rubaare, Uganda (3rd CAMP)
Monde, Uganda (2nd CAMP)
Rwamagana, Rwanda (2nd CAMP)

3rd time Educational Camp

Rubaare, Uganda January 2020

2nd time Educational Camp

Monde, Uganda January 2020

2nd time Educational Camp

Rwamagana, Rwanda December 2019

In parallel with the educational programs, the following activities were offered:

  • Christmas and New Year meal for children in need.
  • Clothes and slippers for the children of our camps.
  • Improvements were made in the sanitary areas and equipment was purchased for a kindergarten in the village of Bombo in Uganda.

For about 12 years, the kindergarten in the parish of St. Minas in Bombo, Uganda was not working.) Our efforts contributed to the reopening of the kindergarten. Improvements were made to the sanitary facilities and water damage and cracks in the side of the building were repaired. In addition, we bought small tables and chairs for the classroom to improve the learning environment. The kindergarten reopened its doors to welcome our little friends.

  • We also undertake entirely the annual school fees of two children in Uganda.

Christmas Meal & Presents

New Year Meal & Presents

Improvements in sanity areas and equipment for kindergarten