My Rafiki is a Greek, Voluntary Non-Profit Organization, which serves with love and selflessness the need to offer to fellow human beings, with particular emphasis on the general care and improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable social groups, such as the children of Africa.

In this effort we have the blessings of The Very Reverend Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira as our spiritual guide.

Those of us who live in developed countries cannot realize that there are places in the world where the obvious – drinkable water, food, basic education – is still out of reach. Yet, the children of Africa, deprived of the basic necessities, send an everyday plea for human support.

Our goals are to give love, to offer, to show solidarity with the fellow being, to alleviate the human pain, to improve the quality of life and the level of education. Moreover, our goal is to support children who suffer regardless of race and religion, because love and benefaction know no frontiers.

Our aim and ambition is to turn insecurity, despair and sorrow into hope, care and smiles.