My Rafiki is a Greek, voluntary non-profit organization that lovingly and selflessly serves the need to contribute to society, with particular emphasis on the general care and improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable social groups, specifically, children and young people in Africa.

Our main goal is the holistic empowerment of children of different age groups and equipping them with necessary knowledge and skills, which can be summarized in the following areas:

  • Personal Hygiene (my body and protection against diseases, menstruation, etc.)
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Safety Issues (first aid, etc.)
  • My rights – My responsibilities
  • Social and emotional development (development of critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, communication skills, presentation skills)
  • Practical Workshops (cultivation of land, preparation of liquid soap, construction of a wooden spatula etc).

The above workshops have been designed based on the needs of each age group, but also the geographical area that is targeted. Education affects all aspects of society, increasing future employment opportunities and raising awareness of global issues, cultivating a sense of solidarity, enhancing gender equality, respect and more. Improving the education of children also cultivates their resilience and strengthens social cohesion and significantly prevents social conflicts.

My Rafiki is committed to showing respect for the culture, customs and infrastructure of the regions or countries where it operates. Therefore, the educational activities are implemented by experienced professionals and volunteers using materials and techniques that respect the culture and tradition of the target groups.