– The general purpose of this organization is the holistic resilient education that stems from the human values ​​of respect and solidarity and promotes a peaceful, autonomous and sustainable way of life for all ages and cultures.

– Children participating in this education camp will be empowered to enhance their own condition and will improve the condition of wider communities, contributing to overall social cohesion.

– The specific objectives of each training camp are shaped depending on the country, age groups and the participants’ needs.

– All educational approaches are designed based on the needs of each age group, and also the needs of the geographical area the students are from.

– My Rafiki is committed to showing respect for culture, morals and the infrastructure of the regions or countries where it operates. Therefore the educational activities are implemented using materials and techniques that respect the culture and tradition of the target groups, from experienced professionals and volunteers.


– My Rafiki supports and collaborates with the local Orthodox Church,if one of our camps takes place in an Orthodox parish. However the children are accepted regardless of religion and ethnicity, and of course, proselytizing is not the goal.