Our Actions are aimed and focused on the following areas:

1. Educational

  • Holistic empowerment of children, adolescents and young people.
  • Creative, educational and recreational camps.
  • Organizing educational seminars to improve the educational LEVEL of children in need.
  • Providing educational material and stationery.
  • Ensuring annual school fees for poor children. (Scholarships) *

* In many African countries basic education for children is not free of charge.

2. Humanitarian

  • Water supply
  • Food supply

3.Creation of Development Infrastructures

  • Water Wells
  • Contribution to the construction of School Facilities.
  • Contribution to the construction of Orphanage.

4. Medical Assistance

5. Missionary

  • Cooperation and support of the local Missionary Orthodox church.

Assistance is offered regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender of the recipients and without any general prejudice or discrimination.