More precisely My Rafiki has the following aims:

1. Educational

  • Holistic empowerment of children, adolescents and young people.
  • Creative, educational and recreational camps.
  • Organizing educational seminars to improve the educational LEVEL of children in need.
  • Providing educational material and stationery.
  • Ensuring annual school fees for poor children. (Scholarships) *

* In many African countries basic education for children is not free of charge.

2. Humanitarian

  • Water supply
  • Food supply

3.Creation of Development Infrastructures

  • Water Wells
  • Contribution to the construction of School Facilities.
  • Contribution to the construction of Orphanage.

4. Medical Assistance

5. Missionary

 Cooperation and support of the local Missionary Orthodox church.

Assistance is offered regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender of the recipients and      without any general prejudice or discrimination.