My Rafiki

Our first action “Friendship beyond frontiers” is a fact. At the beginning of May MY RAFIKI will be at Rubaare a village situated in Southwest Uganda, 60 km from the borders of Rwanda.

Ιn the newly created orthodox parish of father Aristotelis, where in the last few months a provisional wooden church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa was built, we will organize a creative activity camp of educational, recreational and missionary nature.

We will offer a few days of happiness and a humanitarian aid to at least a hundred children, covering their basic needs (food, clean water, education).

Rubaare has approximately twenty thousand inhabitants who daily face fundamental living problems. They mainly occupy themselves with cultivating small fields in order to cover their basic food needs. However, this is not possible during long periods of drought.

The inhabitants’ access to clean, drinkable water is inadequate, as is the power supply. There are very few wells and the water they produce does not meet the water quality standards that would render it safe to drink. Some people travel countless kilometers to ensure even a drop of practically undrinkable water.

60% of the children are orphans or come from broken homes. Their parents die of AIDS, malaria and other regional diseases, due to lack of basic health care. Absence of basic health care has cost the lives of many children as well. Most common causes of death: malaria, typhoid fever, various skin diseases, allergies.

70% of the children do not have access to primary education, due to inability to cover the tuition fees (primary education in Uganda is not free) and to lack of school facilities.

It is with faith and hope that we wish our first action would give a breath of air, a ray of light to these children.